Zeropole Paramedic IV Bag Hanger - Silver

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IV Bag Hanger
Part Number: 145-1SIL
Have you ever found yourself on a call, ready to administer an IV to a patient, and have no place to hang the bag? Well we have the answer! The ZeroPole IV bag hanger by Sav-A-Jake International, Inc. is a tool that makes hanging an IV bag a snap! The webbing loop is sewn to a plastic snap hook with a sliding plastic D-ring. The loop is attached to the IV bag with the snap hook. Then, you can use the D-ring to hang on a nail, or use the loop to hang the bag on the top corner of a single door or a bi-fold closet door! Or shorten the loop by clipping the D-ring to the snap hook. This makes the perfectly sized loop to hang on a door or cabinet knob. The Zeropole is great for OUTDOOR scenes where you may have a patient in a wooded area or a backyard - you can use it to hang an IV bag from a tree branch or any other apparatus to make on scene patient care run smoothly and efficiently.
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