Scott Tischhauser is a retired firefighter/paramedic who served his professional fire career in Palm Harbor, Florida. He is no stranger to the fire service; his father was a volunteer firefighter in Milltown, New Jersey before moving to Florida in the 1970’s. Scott has wanted to be a firefighter his entire life, and served his community for over 20 years.
Scott's commitment to service started as an explorer, then becoming a volunteer, and was a career firefighter/paramedic with Palm Harbor Fire Rescue. He has been recognized both locally and nationally for his efforts, chosen as both The State of Florida Paramedic of the Year, and Palm Harbor Fire Rescue's Firefighter of the Year. These prestigious awards are given only after careful consideration of a firefighter’s contributions to the fire and EMS service as a whole.
Scott has been featured on national television for significant off-duty rescue efforts, and in the local media for many interesting and heroic emergency rescue scenarios.
With the development of Rapid Intervention Teams/Crews in the fire service, Scott saw a need for a quick rescue intervention tool. Tying knots and assembling ropes aren’t always the most effective or quickest ways to rescue a brother firefighter. Scott found that after putting some parts together, the Sav-A-Jake came to be the quick, easy, and effective way to get a fellow firefighter out of a life or death situation. The multiple uses of the Sav-A-Jake are what make it even more unique and valuable.
Since the inception of the Sav-A-Jake Multi Purpose Rescue Tool, Sav-A-Jake International, Inc. has grown to offer over 800 different products. Scott's lifelong dedication the Fire and EMS profession has carried over into the growth of his brand.  He has put his reputation on the line with the development of every product offered by Sav-A-Jake International, Inc. You can be assured that many hours of time, research, and a firefighter’s heart and soul have been put into the development of our products, bringing you exceptional quality, American made products that will make your job as a firefighter, ems provider, or law enforcement officer much easier and more efficient.
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