Ultralite 1.5 inch wide Nylon Firefighter Pocket Radio Holder & Strap Set - Black w/3M Red-Orange Reflective

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Radio Holder/Strap
Part Number: 139-EFP-1.5

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The Radio Strap and Anti-Sway Strap are made with 4,000 lb. nylon webbing. The Radio Holder is made with durable polypro webbing.

Our full pocket radio holder was designed around the Motorola STX 5000 portable radio and will fit most radios in the industry such as the Motorola APX 6000 and 7000 and TYCO P7200. The dimensions of the holder are:

Total height of holder: 7"

Pocket height: 4 1/4"

Pocket depth (front to back): 1 3/4"

Holder width: 2 3/4"

Fits radio models such as:
Motorola XTS 1500, 2500, 5000 and APX 6000, APX 7000
EF Johnson/Ascend 5100EF Johnson Viking Fire, VP600, VP900
Maxcom P5100, P7100
Kenwood TK 2180, 3180, 5210, 5310G NX 5200, 5300 TYCO P7200

The radio holder also has a strap that secures the radio from the top to keep it from shifting upward during vigorous motion. Metal rings are secured to the holder for attachment to the radio strap and is a lightweight, streamlined design. The hardware on this radio holder is the same hardware you will find on our leather radio holder. Very lightweight yet exceptionally durable!

The radio strap is made with 1.5 inch wide ballistic nylon webbing, and is fully adjustable with two sizing options.  It has two adjusters for easy sizing, trigger snaps to attach to the radio holder, and a mic loop.

The radio strap and anti-sway strap have 3M Scotchlite FIRE RESISTANT Red-Orange reflective sewn to the straps for exceptional visibility!

The anti-sway strap has a trigger snap hook on each end and attaches to your belt loop and radio holder to keep your radio from swinging forward when bending over. Ultra durable bartacking keeps the trigger snaps secure.

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