SCUBA Mask/Glove/Fin Keeper - Hi Viz Yellow

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Part Number: 452-B
This handy strap is a quick and convenient way to carry your dive gloves, fins, or mask! How to secure your gloves: Just place the strap around the gloves, use the quick release buckle, and pull plastic D-ring to tighten the adjustable strap. For your mask: Loop the strap through the head strap of your mask, and secure with quick release clip. You can make the loop smaller by pulling the plastic D-ring. Clip to your BCD and you have a quick place to secure your gloves or mask when not in use. For your fins: Adjust the keeper to a longer length and loop it through the heel straps of your fins, and use the durable Delrin plastic clip to attach to any gear bag or your BCD for easy transport! To release, pinch the buckle. Heavy duty 1" wide 4,000 lb. nylon webbing and high performance stitching assures durability. This listing features the strap with a Delrin plastic snap hook, D-ring, and quick release buckle.
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