Prolift 300 Patient Rehab Lift Assist Strap
Perfect for assisting patient out of chair to standing position

Prolift 300 Patient Rehab Lift Assist Strap

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Lifting Strap
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The Prolift 300 from Sav-A-Jake International is a portable strap designed to assist with bringing a patient from a seated to a standing position. Typically a caregiver must grasp the wrists, shoulders, or arms of the patient in order to assist with helping the patient stand. Many patients may have medical conditions such as upper extremity surgeries or overall general weakness resulting in the need for assistance to bring them to a standing position. The Prolift 300 prevents any strain on the wrists or shoulders when assisting a patient to their feet.

The Prolift 300 is NOT for patients who are unable to bear weight on their legs when standing. It is designed for use when a patient is seated and may not have the independent strength to stand upright on their own. The strap provides leverage for the caregiver to help the patient stand from a variety of locations, such as a toilet, chair, or edge of a bed.

IMPORTANT: Before providing assistance with the Prolift 300, you MUST ask the patient if they feel comfortable and confident that they can support their weight when standing. If they are NOT confident, DO NOT proceed.

To assist with removing a patient from a chair or toilet, place the Prolift 300 around the upper back and bring handles underneath armpits. Be sure the patient’s feet are firmly on the floor and they are ready to stand. Upon your direction, have patient begin to stand while you are lifting them with the handles of the Prolift 300. Your assistance will reduce patient’s exertion and make standing much easier. DO NOT remove the Prolift 300 from around patient until they are stable and balanced in the standing position.

The Prolift 300 is the ideal strap to assist with bringing a patient to a standing position from a bed.

Slide the Prolift 300 around patient’s upper back and underneath shoulder blades. The handles should be exposed under patient’s armpits.

With the strap snugly around patient’s back, use handles to pull patient to seated position.

Rotate patient to feet dependent position while sitting on the bed.

While standing in front of patient with the Prolift 300 snugly across the upper back and the handles coming under the armpits, YOU MUST ask the patient if they feel comfortable and confident that they will be able to bear all of their weight once you get them in a standing position. If the answer is yes, gently assist them to standing position.If the answer is no, DO NOT assist them to their feet. This could cause a fall resulting in injury.