Paramedic Codecuffs Black 12 pack case

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Part Number: 124-A12
Codecuffs are a simple to use, upper extremity immobilzation device. They are for use during a respiratory or cardiac arrest or major trauma to reduce movement of loose or flailing arms while moving a patient from incident scene to the hospital ER. They also reduce risk of loss of an inserted IV/IO when moving the patient. Codecuffs are lightweight, easy to apply, and fully adjustable for pediatric to large adult patients. They are easy to clean and very durable. It takes less than 20 seconds to apply Codecuffs to the patient. No more gauze or tape wrapping to keep the wrists in place - Codecuffs preserve the dignity of the patient, as they are adjustable to keep the patient comfortable and secure, and not feel "trapped" by tight gauze or tape. Codecuffs are also a helpful reminder for the patient who is being transported on a stair chair - the device keeps them from reaching out to grab handrails or walls, which can put the medics at risk of falling. Codecuffs are NOT designed for use as a restraint device for combative patients. They can be removed by conscious, alert patients and therefore are not classified as a restraint device. Codecuffs are designed for use on the unconscious or altered mental status patients who do not have control of their extremities.
The 12 pack case is a great value!

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