Overhead Door Collar - Leather with 3M Fire Resistant Red-Orange Reflective Stripe

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Part Number: 159-B
The Overhead Door Collar (O.H.D.C.) is made with heavy leather and 3M Fire Resistant Red-Orange Reflective striping. Does your fire department have a plan in place for securing overhead doors on the fireground? Is it effective and simple to apply? View our training video to see how simple and effective the O.H.D.C. can be for your department! The Overhead Door Collar is designed to create a block to prevent an overhead door (rolling overhead garage door, commercial or residential) from closing shut when working on the fireground. Just wrap the leather around the door track and create a secure girth hitch with the loop. The full grain leather is 1/2" thick when double layered and can withstand direct flame impingement and the impact of the door with multiple uses. 3M fire resistant reflective striping is sewn onto the handle end of the tool for easy visibility. The video shows the fire resistant properties of the leather - no burn-through with extended flame impingement/contact. The O.H.D.C. is the perfect tool for any RIT team, truck company, or forcible entry team.

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