Neverlock Anti-Lock Search Tool/Door Latch Shield - Leather w/3M Fire Resistant Yellow Reflective

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Door Latch Shield
Part Number: 160-A
The Never-Lock Anti-Lock and Search Tool is constructed with durable full grain leather and trimmed with fire-resistant 3M reflective for easy visiblity. The leather can withstand much higher temperatures than plastic, making it less likely to fail in severe conditions. We designed this product to keep doors from latching shut if they are unintentionally closed when working the fireground during searches or fire suppression. The Never-Lock also functions as a confirmation tag that a search of a room has been established when applied to the door handle. The flexible leather shield wraps easily around the door handle of a residential or commercial, round or lever style door handle. It's simple to use - just slip one end over the door handle on one side of the door and wrap around and slip on the opposite door handle. A release snap is attached to the Never-Lock for ease in applying to lever style door handles. The Never-Lock is flexible enough to place in your bunker gear pocket or RIT bag.
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