Leather Firefighter Truck Belt Set

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Our premium quality leather truckman's belt is designed for durability and comfort.
Two sizes to choose from to fit a wide range of body sizes. Made with 14 oz. top grain leather and drop forged steel components.

How do I choose the correct size belt?  Measure your natural waist and add 5 inches.  Pick your belt size based on the total measurement.  For example, if your natural waist is 32 inches, add 5 inches for a total of 37 inches.  Remember, this only a GUIDELINE for sizing.  For the most accurate measurement, put your turnout gear on and measure your waist at the position where you will wear your belt.  Turnout gear designs can vary based on your department's requirements so it is recommended that you take your measurement while wearing your gear.
The triangle buckle and locking snap hook are easy to attach and remove. The roller buckle for size adjustment is positioned at the back side of the belt for easy adjustment and comfort. Durable construction with steel rivets throughout!
Our NEW Leather Truckman's Tool Loop is designed to hold a large variety of equipment on your truckman's belt. It will fit easily on to your truck belt or SCBA airpack waist strap. Using this strap will keep your hands in constant contact with a ladder during ascending or descending with equipment! Easily holds a box flashlight, K12 saw, chainsaw, or any tool with a large handle. The steel snap hook will stand up to vigorous use! It is riveted to the leather with 1/8" thick aluminum and heavy rivets. Attaches to a metal d-ring for a strong hold. The leather strap is also lined with heavy duty webbing - built to last!
The Leather Loop w/steel Snap Hook is designed to fit on any 2" wide truckman's belt. The steel snap hook can hold a large variety of accessories and will stand up to years of vigorous use.
Our Leather Axe Holster is a versatile, durable, simple and easy to use design. The holster is made with 100% harness quality leather and a nickel plated steel ring. There is a velcro closure to hold the axe securely in place. To attach the holster to your gear - just slide your belt or SCBA waist strap through the leather loop. Then drop your axe handle through the ring, fasten the closure, and you're done. It's that simple! The holster will hold all sizes of axes, as small as the truckman's axe, and 6-8 lb. size pick head or flat head axe.

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