Firefighting Fire Hose Straps Denver Load/High Rise 23 inch strap Red/3M Fire Resistant Yellow Reflective

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Hose Keepers
Part Number: 130-J23
NEW PRODUCT!  2" Poly webbing hose pack straps with 3M reflective trim, metal loop and contrasting pull tab

Introducing our poly webbing hose straps - our newest addition to our incredible selection of hose straps!  These straps are an economical alternative to our premium line of nylon straps.

These 23 inch length hose keepers are designed to hold the following FLAT FOLDED hose layers:

11-14 layers of 1 1/2" hose
10-13 layers of 1 3/4" hose
8-11 layers of 2" hose
6-8 layers of 2 1/2" hose

PLEASE NOTE:  The range of hose layers listed is measured around FLAT folded hose.  Measurements do not include the addition of couplings or nozzles.  What that means is that if you include a coupling or nozzle in the area where the strap is applied, the amount of layers the strap can accommodate will be reduced.

Made with 2" wide poly webbing, metal loop, industrial strength Velcro and 3M reflective striping.  Contrasting color pull tab makes for easy adjustment and removal. Set of 3 straps.

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