Firefighter Truck/Ladder/Escape Belt - KEVLAR

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Truck Belt
Part Number: 122-KEVLAR

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Our KEVLAR Truck/Ladder/Escape Belt is made to meet NFPA Class 1 Ladder/Escape belt standards for construction and fire resistance. Constructed with 2" wide, 9000 lb. rated Kevlar webbing and backed with a layer of 7000 lb. tensile strength nylon webbing. The entire belt is sewn with 100% Kevlar thread. Hardware includes heavy duty auto locking snap hook AND fixed position "D" Ring secured with KEVLAR stitching, and 3 additional "D" rings. The snap hook and "D" rings meet and exceed ANSI Z-359.1 and CSA Z-259.1 specifications. The "D" rings are a snug fit on the 2" webbing to avoid shifting/slipping. Sizing guideline: Add 5 inches to your actual waist size to compensate for the added bulk of your gear. TWO SIZE OPTIONS: Regular adjusts in length from 33-41 inches (for waists approx. 28-36 inches) Large adjusts in length from 36-30 inches (for waists approx. 31-55 inches)

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