Firefighter Leather Radio Holder & Strap Set Full Pocket 3M Solid Orange Reflective

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Leather Radio Set
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Our 3 piece custom made Radio Holder and Strap Set includes:
Leather FULL POCKET Radio Holder, Radio Strap, and Anti Sway strap. The radio case matches the straps with the 3M Orange Reflective Trim sewn across the front. A Sav-A-Jake exclusive design!
The entire set is HANDCRAFTED of fine quality leather. Our leather products are NOT mass produced, unlike other well known leather product brands.

Our Full Pocket Motorola/Universal Radio Holder has a strap that secures the radio at the top to keep it from shifting upward during vigorous motion. Metal D-rings are secured to the holder for attachment to any radio strap.

Our full pocket radio holder is designed to fit the following radios:

Motorola XTS 1500, 2500, 5000
EF Johnson/Ascend 5100
Maxcom P5100, P7100
Kenwood 5300
Our custom cut radio straps are 1.25" wide and have TWO mic loops to hold your microphone and an adjustable belt for a comfortable custom fit.

strap lengths to choose from:
SHORT length fits most average height/weight firefighters under 5'8" tall (adjusts from 47 to 54 inches)
STANDARD fits most average height/weight firefighters up to 6'1" tall (adjusts from 51 1/2 to 62 1/2 inches)
XL fits firefighters from 6'1" - 6'6" tall (adjusts from 62-69 inches) - ideal for a "big and tall" sized person
XXL length strap is for persons over 6'6" tall (adjusts from 67-75 inches)

Made from full grain leather - the strongest and most durable grade available.

The anti sway strap has heavy duty swivel snaps are rivet mounted to both ends. The strap will keep your radio case from swaying at the hip. By simply attaching one end of the Anti-Sway Radio Stabilizer Strap to your radio case and the other end to your uniform pants or bunker pants belt loop, you will keep your radio close and secure on your hip.

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