Firefighter Leather Anti Sway Strap - Glow in the Dark AND 3M Silver Reflective

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Anti Sway Strap
Part Number: 157-B-2
Get the best of both types of visibility!

Introducing our NEW Glow in the Dark AND 3M Scotchlite reflective anti sway strap!

Both stripes on our stabilizer strap are SEWN not glued to the leather strap.  Once charged in bright light, you'll enjoy both the glow AND reflective properties of the strap.  Allows for high visibility in low light conditions. We use only top grain leather that is extremely durable and flexible. The heavy duty swivel snaps are rivet mounted to both ends. The strap will keep your radio case from swaying at the hip. By simply attaching one end of the Anti-Sway Radio Stabilizer Strap to your radio case and the other end to your uniform pants or bunker pants belt loop, you will keep your radio close and secure on your hip.
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