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Firefighter Hose Strap - Black w/3M Triple Yellow Reflective Stripe

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Hose Strap
Part Number: 122-STRP
114 inches long in a sewn loop made with 1 3/4" 7,000 lb. tensile strength nylon FLAT webbing - Superior to tubular webbing. Flat webbing will not unravel when it has a small split or cut. The Sav-A-Jake Harbor Hose Strap Tool is a simple and easy to use hose support strap. The extra wide 1 3/4" webbing strap provides better surface grip on the hose and better stability on the shoulder when controlling a charged hoseline. The webbing is stitched with an industrial strength stitch pattern to maximize and maintain the integrity of the 7,000 lb. webbing used to make the Harbor Hose Strap Tool. Scotchlite reflective tape is sewn onto the strap for easy visiblity on the fireground. Application is simple: secure one end of the strap around the hose with a simple girth hitch, and place the remaining loop around the shoulder of the arm that is not providing primary support to the charged hose line. Your shoulder will support the hose from behind, allowing for easy control during water flow. And best of all, the Harbor Hose Strap Tool includes a containment strap for easy storage in your bunker gear pocket!

Also ideal for marine firefighting applications
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