Firefighter Halligan & Axe Marrying Strap with security strap Black w/3M Solid Orange Reflective

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Halligan & Axe Marrying Strap
Part Number: 105-B
Our "Type 2" marrying strap is made with extra heavy duty webbing and industrial strength Velcro for a secure closure. The Marrying Strap is designed to marry and secure your Halligan Bar and Axe for ease in carrying. It allows the firefighter to have one hand free to hold a ladder rung, stair railing or flashlight. The unique feature of our strap is the adjustable security loop, which keeps the strap attached to the halligan bar after separating your irons for use. The strap has a rubber strip sewn to the interior side of the strap and the security loop to ensure a secure grip and minimize tool shift. Reflective stripe on exterior side of strap makes your strap easy to locate. Sav-A-Jake International is the only manufacturer of this style of marrying strap. It is an original design that is unique to the fire rescue industry - you will not find any other strap on the market that has our unique security loop feature. Fully adjustable and easy to use.
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