Cleveland Load Fire Hose Straps Metal Tribar - Red w/3M Triple Yellow Reflective

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Hose Keepers
Part Number: 130-HCLE
NEW PRODUCT!  2" Poly webbing hose pack straps with 3M reflective trim, metal tribar cinch loop and pull tab


This set of straps was precisely designed for the split Cleveland Hose Load that can be carried over your shoulder or over the airpack on the back.

Set of four, 2 inch wide polypro webbing straps includes:

1 Large strap to secure around both the nozzle end and hose

3 Small straps to secure around the hose in the desired locations

3M reflective trim is applied to the straps for easy visibility in low light conditions

Durable metal tribar provides excellent leverage for a tight, secure fit around the hose

Pull tab makes removal easy with a glove hand

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