BRIGHTWALKER Reflective Dog Leash w/padded handle - Hot Neon Yellow & Silver Scotchlite Assorted Lengths From $18.99

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Reflective Leash
Part Number: 135-DBL-YEL

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Introducing the BRIGHTWALKER series of pet leashes! The Brightwalker leash is made with high visibility, 1" wide 4000 lb. nylon webbing, easy to use TRIGGER SNAP CLIP, and 3M Silver Scotchlite Reflective sewn on BOTH sides of the leash! The reflective trim is highly visible from all angles for the ultimate in safety! The reflective is SEWN, not heat transferred 3M Scotchlite. No worries about the reflective material wearing or rubbing off the leash. Also features a padded grip for maximum comfort. The grip also prevents the leash handle from pinching/squeezing your hand if your dog tries to run or pull suddenly.
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