1.5 inch wide Nylon Radio Strap Set - 3M Orange/Silver Reflective

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Radio Holder/Strap
Part Number: 139-C-TO-1.5

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1.5 inch wide Radio Strap and Anti Sway Strap - 3M Orange/Silver Reflective

Our newest strap has been designed with practical applications in mind.  We started with a more durable, heavy duty ballistic nylon webbing to provide greater longevity and use of the strap.  We wanted to ensure that we didn’t lose the importance of the pink accents on our straps that mean so much to you while providing the quality you deserve in the harsh environments experienced in the field.

The radio strap is made with 1 1/2" wide ballistic nylon webbing, and genuine 3M FIRE RESISTANT Orange and Silver Scotchlite Reflective sewn across the entire strap. Available in THREE sizes:

SHORT for persons under 5'8"

STANDARD for persons up to 6'1" tall

XL for persons between 6'1" to 6'6" tall, ideal for the "big and tall" body type

The radio strap is a two piece strap, designed just like our leather radio straps. TWO mic loops are included on the strap. Trigger snaps on each end for attachment to the radio holder. Ultra durable bartacking keep the trigger snaps secure.

Includes matching anti sway strap

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